Team Members

Lexie Lee is a sophmore at Millburn High school who is interested in stem. She is a member of Millburn robotics, and greatly enjoys helping to teach younger kids.

Lexie Lee


Jia is a student at Millburn High School and is interested in STEM. She enjoys designing and building robots as part of her Millburn Robotics team. In her free time, she also likes to play the guitar and support cancer research initiatives.

Jia Panjwani


Joey Sorkin

Joey is a student at Millburn High School and enjoys robotics and music. He is very passionate about teaching and is familiar with many areas of computer science.

Joey Sorkin

VP and Treasurer

Picture of Ishaan Salhotra

Ishaan goes to UT Austin and is interested in algorithms and mathematics. He has experience with robotics, data visualization, and various coding languages, including Java, C++, and Python.

Ishaan Salhotra


Picture of Eric Dong

Eric studies at Georgia Tech with interests and experience in robotics and computer science. He has taught different languages including C++, Java, and Python, and is familiar with topics such as Data Structures and robot control theory.

Eric Dong


Picture of NIrvan Panjwani

Nirvan attends Emory University and has interests in STEM, entrepreneurship, and marketing. He has experience in brand strategy, visual design, robotics, and management and loves to learn new things, having taught himself CAD and graphic design. He also enjoys playing tennis, writing for his blog at, and uploading videos to his Youtube channel.

Nirvan Panjwani