Splash Semester 1 Results

After a full semester of lessons, we can say with certainty that things ran smoothly and as expected! The 36 total kids, all between grades 3 and 8 were engaged and got to learn and develop a variety of skills through the weeks. At the end of the lessons, each student of every class had their own robot built and programmed, and they were all being driven around on the last day. Most of the students had extra time to add extra functional parts on to their robots and/or improve their code. More importantly, though, all of the kids seemed to be having fun, most of them getting excited to program and drive their creations. In all, this was a very successful first semester for Millburn Splash!

During the session, we brought four teams of students (with a total of ten students) to a VEX IQ competition at the Ranney School, about an hour away from Millburn. The students were all excited to have an opportunity to show their creations and see how they stack up against students from other organizations. Although some teams were more successful than others, every student was happy with their performance and hoping to have another chance to compete in the future. 

Looking ahead for next semester, we have decided to change the organization of our classes, moving from three levels of difficulty to two levels of difficulty for two categories of lessons, code and build. This organization will help students specialize in a particular skill. That way, if a child has a knack for building robots, but not for coding them, they will be placed in the higher-level build class and the lower level code class.