LHCode Academy Google Meet

LHCode Academy was a learning experience for both our students and us. The goal for our students was to learn the basics of HTML and CSS and put together a small portfolio website. Given that the demographic was ages 5th to 7th grade, it proved to be challenging to explain some of the concepts. Margin… Read More »LHCode Academy

At the beginning of quarantine, LibreHacks was faced with the difficult task of continuing operations as normal as possible, as the world around us turned upside down. After hours of brainstorming, we decided to try our hands at an online hackathon. We had all planned hackathons in the past, however adjustments needed to be made… Read More »DistanceHacks: A Socially-Distanced, Online Hackathon

The Librehacks and DistanceHacks team is proud to announce an event being hosted the weekend of May 1st, designed to expose students to computer-science and programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of online learning, students have lost opportunities to gain knowledge and attend events. DistanceHacks is open to all students without restrictions, and… Read More »Librehacks Is Proud to Support DistanceHacks

After a full semester of lessons, we can say with certainty that things ran smoothly and as expected! The 36 total kids, all between grades 3 and 8 were engaged and got to learn and develop a variety of skills through the weeks. At the end of the lessons, each student of every class had… Read More »Splash Semester 1 Results

Our initial attempt at Splash was during 2018 as a fundraiser activity for Millburn High School’s hackathon, hackMHS V. It was set up as a series of independent mini-classes spread over a small number of sessions which were targeted towards middle school students who wanted to broaden their horizons in the STEM space with short… Read More »The Origins of Splash