Let’s be honest- we all want those flashy, eye-catching styles to decorate our webpage. However, coding intricate styles individually would be extremely tedious and difficult. Thankfully, we can utilize pre-written code in a few simple, easy steps. Finding a Style Once you have a style in mind, go to the website https://codepen.io/ and go ahead… Read More »Intro to HTML Blog Series: Part 5

Most, if not all websites use images to enhance the reader’s experience and make the page look more presentable. However, sometimes the perfect photo does not have the necessary dimensions, or simply does not fit the style. This section will be dedicated to understanding image formatting and styling in HTML. Basic Image Implementation/Hyperlinks Back in… Read More »Intro to HTML Blog Series: Part 4

What is CSS? CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, a coding language that assists the development of webpages and is often incorporated with HTML and Javascript. CSS describes the presentation of HTML elements by modifying an element’s property and value. CSS vs Inline Styling CSS is used in a separate .css file made up of… Read More »Intro to HTML Blog Series: Part 3

Lists When working with websites, listing items is a very common task. While it might not be particularly difficult, it is a skill that is used very frequently.  There are two types of lists in HTML: ordered and unordered. An ordered list uses some notation in order to indicate each element while an unordered list… Read More »Intro to HTML Blog Series: Part 2

Welcome to our first crash course series: HTML bootcamp. This blog series is for beginners of web development.  What is HTML?  HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is not actually a programming language, rather a way of structuring and styling content on a web page. HTML is usually assisted by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)… Read More »Intro to HTML Blog Series: Part 1

The Librehacks and DistanceHacks team is proud to announce an event being hosted the weekend of May 1st, designed to expose students to computer-science and programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of online learning, students have lost opportunities to gain knowledge and attend events. DistanceHacks is open to all students without restrictions, and… Read More »Librehacks Is Proud to Support DistanceHacks